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Ambitious & Passionate Woman

Are you seeking to embody both masculine and feminine qualities in your leadership journey?

Do you occasionally feel overwhelmed or neglect your well-being in the pursuit of succes?

Are you on a quest to find your true voice?

If so, you’re not alone!!



Many High Flying women like you who hold leadership positions are on a mission to balance their energies and reconnect with their Sensual Alignment.

I offer a sanctuary where purpose-driven women like you can reclaim their presence and the juicyness of Sensuality in leadership.

It’s within this sacred space that we cultivate authenticity, resilience, and a deep sense of purpose, empowering you and each other to speak our true voice and make a meaningful impact in the world.

“Temple Journeys with Sensual Alignment”


An initimite journey into embodiment
Balance your feminine&Masculine energies
Realign to your souls mission
Increase sensitivity, feeling juicy, feminine and deeply grounded. 



Sensual Alignment

Online Masterclass

Unveiling the Secrets on empowering your Presence with Sensual Alignment for female leaders and speakers on stage.



5day Immersion:
“Speaking for Female Leaders”


Build a radiant presence with Sensual Alignment for speakers and leaders to take the stage more freely, impact their audience, feel at ease and spark the flame for new action.


“Embrace your Essence, Empower your Presence with Sensual Alignment”

90days Transformational Journey

Tailor-made for those ready to dive deep, shed old baggage, and embrace their feminine essence while aligning sensually with their truest expression in their lives, businesses and relationships.










Thanks to Debby’s online embodiment session, I found my true voice as a female leader and speaker. Through gentle guidance in her alivening unwavering presence, I reconnected with my femininity and authenticity, uncovering a forgotten innocence within me. Debby showed me that embracing this innocence, like a child’s purity, holds the key to unlocking our voices as women. Her insight transformed even the simplest experiences, like the morning song of a bird, into profound sources of inspiration. This session revitalized my sense of aliveness and empowered me to speak with confidence and authenticity in all aspects of my life.

Debby knows exactly when to be there for me in the right timing, this queen embodiment session was spot on! She helped me to unlock a hidden part of me that withholded me from having deep heartfelt relationships. It made so happy i cried after our call!

She is the missing link between earth and sky, aligning energies and connecting the dots so that you can fully engage in your projects and relationships.”

When i was feeling overwhelmed by all the offers that came towards me, Debby helped me through resistence by reconnecting me with a deeper part in myself where i still felt not good enough. We shiften this limiting imprint and i found back confidence and resilience to believe in myself and what i have to offer. I feel very grounded, centered and open to receive and voice my values to my cliënts. 

With her expertise as a doula and her intuitive wisdom, Debby navigates ‘embodiment’ processes with precision, bringing individuals back to their core effortlessly. 

Bringing your Sensual Alignment alive in your body will increase sensitivity and make it more juicy, pleasurable as you connect more deeply with yourself and the energy in the room.

People FEEL YOU when you are in this state and want to work with you!